LIFE Lyrics


Left Unsaid

she walked with so much hate inside

you could see it in her eyes

So afraid of what they’d say

if they saw thru her disguise


so afraid to give you

more than you could take

i didn’t want to say it

but what if we’re making a mistake


just another needle you can shove inside it

once upon a time you weren’t addicted to it

you were never there and made the habit of it

i think you’re killing the girl inside


no one is perfect

so don’t lose your head

while some search for beauty

some make it instead

regrets can come from

the things left unsaid

the ones that swim with

the stream are the dead


i saw the absence of a soul

just a void i used to know

everytime i hear your name

i remember years ago


so stubborn you would argue

it’s your own risk to take

i couldn’t stand to watch you

what if you never wake


just another needle you can shove inside it

once upon a time you weren’t addicted to it

you were never there and made a habit of it

i think you killed the girl inside


i can only stand by and watch you die for so long

we could tell you till we’re blue in the face

you showed us many times you couldn’t fight the battle alone

you never let it fall into place

spending every minute looking for the answers

to the things

you wanted to face alone

well there’s any army of us right behind you

and we care too much to just let go

Gasoline Dance

let’s burn let’s burn

let’s burn this whole place down


so easy to give in

than to rise above it all

so where do you go from here

when they all want to see you fall

when you let pride lead the way

shame follows close behind

let humility be your guide

but never let them

push you aside


and you can set my whole world ablaze

with gasoline if you want

i’ll still be right there to fan the flames

and stand beside everyone

to you

it might not mean


and that’s just fine

but that crooked smile

it means the world to me


beware of the two-faced friend

Because they’ll be there when you're wrong

They'll laugh in your face and say

they've been there all along

Take the onlookers by the hand

Draw the line across the sand

You can stand beside us in this fight

But decide while you still can


let’s go

just like there’s no tomorrow


ladies and gentlemen

so glad you came

last day on earth

let’s go out with a bang

now’s the time

to set this bitch off right

forget your day

let’s live for the night

you bring it loud

and we got the voice

all the best stories come

from a really bad choice

your girl’s dolled up

here’s the drug

let’s party ‘til the dancefloor needs a hug



get off your feet and let’s see this place


Live in the moment it's time to lose



let’s wake the neighbors up

light your cones and fill your cup

break your necks

and let yourself bounce

we got plenty more  

if you start to run out

no one remembers

when you stayed home

probably not this either

i don’t know  

it’s all fun and games

until the cops come

then it’s a new game

how fast can you run

Resting In Pieces

I was never good at goodbyes

Now it's too late to tell you

I had so much to say

We always got carried away

i still remember

everything you said to me

you played the part

but death keeps no calendar

you tried so hard

to help me understand


the day that your eyes went grey

i watched you go

i died some when you left me


resting in pieces


wake me from this dream


i was too dense to understand

now the concept rings through me

am i selfish to not let go

And to let you be at peace


I'm losing my mind

The thought of me losing you

kills me inside

I don't want to face it

I'm begging you please

I'm falling apart at the seams

Wake me from this dream

Always (Never)

i tried to warn you, i always win

don’t try to fight it, i’m coming in

eyes of the hunter, watching you pray

I’m here to stay

anywhere you are, that’s where I’ll be

i will protect you, from everything

now and forever, it’s you and me

I’m here to stay


no distance too far

no grave deep enough

not even death

i promise you this

i’ll never go away

i’ll be there for you

there’s no turning back

no hesitation

into the flames

i'll never go away


don’t be afraid, you have nothing to fear

no one will hurt you, as long as i’m here

i’ll never let them take you away

you’re here to stay

safe and secure, you get that with me

i’ll listen to you, don’t fear a thing

no one will find us this far away

you’re here to stay


Stay right here with me

You can never leave

Secrets we will keep

Six feet underneath

In Viscera I

So there i was

Still looking at the stars

Flat on my back

All well in the graveyard

It amazing the things you’ll hear

Whispered in the silence


And there i was again

Looking for an end

Maybe just a way to comprehend

What i’ve done

(what have i done?!)

How can i run?

How can you still pursue me?

Use me

You freak

Packing their teeth leaves

Knowing damn well they can’t breathe

It wasn’t me

At least it better not be


It’s no surprise

You have nothing to hide

It’s on the table now and

Picking at the eyes

So bring on the tide

So right

It’s like suicide

Living a lie

Only some truly live

Every motherfucker dies

It sometimes happens when i close my eyes

I lose control

I collapse from inside

It’s a lie

The design they will deny


You were everything but dead to me

It took forever just to figure out what that means

I guess it’s different now

Now that we’ve all changed

You still think that you know me

You were everything but dead to me

It took forever just to figure out what that means

You were everything

You were dead to me

Fugue State

It’s time

to step outside

it’s a great day to be alive

and I’m fine

don’t remember why

state line’s up ahead

walked for miles

must’ve lost track of something

along the way

forgive me

i can’t remember your name

i’m fine

the winds are whispering to me

i’m off my meds again and i’m fine

the winds are whispering to me

i’m off my meds again


Forgive me

I've fallen under and

I can't see

It's just too much to take

I'm fading

It's taken over me

and i don't even know

i can't focus anymore

Leave me

Alone to gather

All my nothing

I can't remember

And all I see

Just doesn't matter

When I don't even know

what I'm missing anymore


I don't even know your name

Or mine


The sky

Is falling down

I see dead all around

And I'm fine

Can't escape the sound

There's blood in the bed

isn’t mine

Must’ve lost track of somethin

Along the way

Forgive me

I think I'll be on my way

i’m fine

the winds are whispering to me

i’m off my meds again and i’m fine

the winds are whispering to me

i’m off my meds again

Deepest Sleep

I can’t breathe

i barely hear you anymore

the life escapes my eyes

consumed by the wake

I sink to the ocean floor

sometimes it’s better not to know

just what could have been

i can feel myself sink deeper

As the sound of your voice descends


in the end it only matters what you stood for


when you consider the space

it isn’t far at all

it puts in perspective how insignificant

And how simple we are

here today

but know it all can change

we're only one fatal minute away

from returning to where we came


im detached

and I can’t see you anymore

like a dream i can’t remember

i know i’ve been here before

inundated by darkness

watching the light fade away

it’s like i’ve been here forever

and your voice getting further away


in the end it only matters what you stood for


When the timing’s right you can’t escape it

the voices carry you beyond your deepest sleep

in the shadows of the time you’ve wasted

Love and War

nothing can stop us now

at daggers drawn

the hammer’s down

never to be contained

no more rules

no one to blame

set on the warpath

leveling all
who stand in the way

once and for all

desire drives the game


You've entered the warzone

don’t stand in the way

surrender your weapons

and give up this game

there’s no time like now

to settle the score

no mercy

all's fair in love and war


mightier than the sword

straight to the chest

to strike the cord

no matter what the cause

no one can take this

away from us

this is a warning

prepared to fight

tooth and nail

we will not fall

may the better man prevail


No heart to be found

Predatory instinct

She turned me on

She turned on me

The Massacre

i’m the type of guy to stay away from

your momma should’ve warned you about me

i don’t toss around empty threats

not trying to get inside your head with words

bet you wish you would’ve heard

what you really trying to prove here?

you got too many teeth in your face?

i can help you the best i can

i’m not a dentist but damn

i’ll take a look

here comes a taste


Let the massacre begin

It's a fight to the death

Better place your bets

Cause it’s going down

Let the massacre begin

Domeshot step into the zone

Not gonna back down

Let the massacre begin

It's a fight to the death

I fight to live

Let the massacre begin

I'm here for one thing

And that's to win

Let the massacre begin


here comes round two

what you gonna do

didn’t learn the first time?

can’t say you didn’t try

Well schools in session

if you’re coming for a lesson

then I guess I got the time

put your money where your mouth is

Didn’t know about this?

I bet you wish you had

You're gonna need all the luck you can get

And I know the best man's gonna win

it’s a fight to the death

better place your bets

cause it’s goin down

just come on in

tossin out domeshots

step into the zone

not gonna back down

i fight to live

One two I got something for you

And they're coming right for your chin

i’m here for one thing and that’s to win

let the massacre begin

The Family

We can all be a little strange


welcome to our happy family

parading as the freaks

we give each other strength

do not tolerate the lies they feed

as this infection grows
the further we will reach


unity is everything


we put the fun in dysfunctional

we got a mental patient state of mind

It’s hard to care when you’ve got it all

except the sanity we left behind

we put the fun in dysfunctional

and maybe we’re not okay  

when so much is fictional

we can all be a little strange


welcome to our happy family

with open arms we stand

if you feel hungry, feast

There's room for everyone here with us

no room for selfishness

Don't ever lose our trust


loyalty is everything


load up your guns

load up on gold

or you’ll be bought

used up and sold

Now it's time

let’s start it right  

get your friends

Light up the night


our name is legion

for we are many

our bond is sacred

we are family



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